Wong Kwan Chi Is Revolutionizing Music and AI

20 Dec , 2022 Axiox Media

The tech world has grown rapidly over the past few years, especially with the introduction of artificial intelligence. One of the most common questions that have started to come up is, will artificial intelligence be able to make art? And if so, how good can it be? The idea of creativity and a computer have always intrigued people, and some have set out to look for answers. Among these people is the musician and IT expert Wong Kwan Chi

Based in Hong Kong, Wong is an artist who is not only committed to making incredible music but also has an interest in the world of IT and artificial intelligence. Combining these two interests, Wong is very fond of the idea of artificial intelligence making music. 

Putting it into practice, Wong makes music, and he always incorporates some synthesizers in his songs that are completely made by artificial intelligence. So far, the results have been incredible, and he has received very positive feedback. Some of Wong’s most popular hit songs include “March Forward,” “Shield Up,” “Return With Glory,” and “Never Give Up.” 

Wong’s most popular song, “Never Give Up,” has received more than 59,000 plays on Spotify alone. He is also popular on Youtube, with more than 2.4K followers on his channel. Wong also has a massive following on Instagram of more than 26.8kK followers. 

While Wong has technical experience in artificial intelligence, he has still managed to make his music hobby a popular part and practice of his life. When it comes to artificial intelligence, Wong has his very own IT company, and he is also developing a game called XGamer – AI Revolution. 

Wong created XGamer – AI Revolution as a gaming enthusiast and IT expert himself who wanted to test the limits of modern technology and gaming while providing people with an incredible and immersive gaming experience.

XGamer – AI Revolution is a roleplaying game that keeps challenging the intellect of its users all the time.. The game takes the player through various different timelines and is incredibly immersive. Gaming enthusiasts and new gamers alike are extremely pumped for this game. 

Wong’s IT company, Axiox Media Technology, is the main driving force behind his game. However, they also work on other IT and artificial intelligence-related projects, such as building new and innovative platforms for different use cases, as well as his famous AI-based music generation. 

Wong mentions that his ultimate goal is to fully integrate music and artificial intelligence, and then we can finally see what a song made from a computer might sound like. What’s possible in theory is what Wong is bringing to life, and his vision has many looking up to him, hoping for some groundbreaking results. 

By integrating music with AI, Wong calls it “…the ultimate music feast.” This quote alone is more than enough to describe his passion for the future of technology and music.